• Building a Better Future
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  • Building a Better Future
    For Our City
  • Building a Better Future
    For Our City
  • Building a Better Future
    For Our City

Public to shape Sheffield’s redevelopment

Public to shape Sheffield’s redevelopment Image

Local residents and businesses are being given the opportunity to shape their neighbourhoods over the summer.

Sheffield Housing Company's proposals for over 500 homes – at least 450 of which will be for private sale - are to be unveiled at a series of consultation events in August.  

Local people will be able to view the designs and comment on the proposals to the architects and staff from Sheffield Housing Company - a partnership between Sheffield City Council, Keepmoat and Great Places- which aims to deliver homes of the highest quality. The proposals involve the building of around 67 homes at Earl Marshal Drive, Fir Vale; 185 at Ravencarr Place, Manor; 111 on three sites at Park Grange Drive and Park Grange Road, Norfolk Park; 126 more at two sites at Buchanan Road, Parson Cross and 48 at Crumpsall Drive, Shirecliffe.

The properties will form phase two of the company's ambitious redevelopment programme and will be available to buy outright or to rent. Full details of the consultation events are as follows:

  • Falstaff, Parson Cross – Tuesday 5 August, 3–7pm, Learning Zone, 320 Wordsworth Avenue, Parson Cross, S5 8NL
  • Norfolk Park – Monday 11 August 3-7pm, Keepmoat Site Office, Frank Wright Close, Norfolk Park, S2 3RE
  • Earl Marshal, Fir Vale – Thursday 14 August, 3-7pm, Pakistan Advice Community Association, 127 Page Hall Road, Fir Vale, S4 8GU
  • Manor – Monday 18 August, 3-7pm, The Steel Inn, 134 Harborough Avenue, Manor, S2 1QR
  • Shirecliffe – Tuesday 19 August, 3-7pm Shirecliffe Community Centre, 349 Shirecliffe Road, S5 8JX

Project Director, Tom Fenton, said: “Following the success and popularity of phase one, we are very excited to begin the next chapter.  The regeneration of Sheffield neighbourhoods is about much more than bricks and mortar and this is why we are so keen to share the plans with local people and residents, so that they can play a part in the area's transformation.

“Nobody knows the local area better than the existing residents so we are keen to canvass their views on the emerging designs and test whether the linkages and connections we're assuming are important are in fact the right things to be concentrating on”.

“The comments people make will be used to inform the design process and prepare more detailed plans for redevelopment.  If all goes well, building could begin by spring next year, with the majority of sites under construction before the end of 2015.”

Phase two homes will be designed to not only meet the needs of the local community but to also attract purchasers from further afield by providing high quality family accommodation - some of which will be even larger than the new homes constructed to date and will include some five bedroom properties.

There is a 15-year plan to build 2,300 new homes in seven of Sheffield's most vibrant neighbourhoods. These will be a mixture of two, three and four bedroom properties with the latest home energy saving systems and living-space enhancements which can be easily modified as residents' needs change – making them lifetime homes.  No other developer builds to the exacting standards specified by Sheffield Housing Company. 

Developments already underway are at Brearley Forge, named after the inventor of Stainless Steel, Harry Brearley, where 142 properties are now well under construction, as are 116 more at Cutler's View, Norfolk Park.  Work has also begun in Shirefcliffe where 47 homes will be developed on small infill sites.

For more information about the consultation events or availability of homes, please contact the SHC Client Team on 0114 203 7129 or email [email protected]

To find out about homes for sale, visit www.sheffieldhousingcompany.co.uk or www.keepmoat.com

All the SHC homes available to rent will be advertised on the Sheffield Property Shop website. If you would like to bid for a home when they are advertised, you will first need to be registered on the Council's Housing Register. If you aren't already registered, you need to complete a Housing Registration Form. More information on how to do this can be found via the Sheffield Property Shop or by phone on 0114 293 0000 / 205 3333.

Last Updated: 27/11/2023
Author: Maura Gallagher

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